Whitefish Housing Authority Emergency Rental Assistance Fund

Whitefish Housing Authority Emergency Rental Assistance Fund

The recent Covid-19 outbreak has found many of our Whitefish based workers without employment due to mandated or voluntary business closures. Whitefish’s community is particularly vulnerable with a local economy based around service and tourism industries, and significant numbers of layoffs are already underway. These workers are now struggling to make ends meet. In an effort to provide emergency relief to our local workforce, the Whitefish Chamber of Commerce, the Whitefish Housing Authority and the Whitefish Community Foundation have teamed up to create an emergency fund to provide one-time partial rent relief to Whitefish area renters.

Renters in the 59937 zip code whose employment status was affected by Covid-19 may be eligible for a grant of rental assistance monies through the Whitefish Housing Authority Rental Assistance Fund. Each affected worker can apply for $300 in rent assistance, with a cap of 50% of the monthly rent amount. If multiple wage earners in a single household have been affected, $300 may be provided for each wage earner, subject to the 50% cap. Approved applicants will be granted a check written by the Whitefish Housing Authority directly to the applicant’s landlord to help with rental payments.

Funding is limited and applications will be filled as they arrive on a first-come, first-serve basis as long as the applicant meets the criteria set below and funding is available. It is anticipated this program will provide one time rental assistance for one month to help workers make April 1st rental payments. Subsequently, the program will be re-evaluated if further emergency assistance is appropriate and funding is available.

Eligibility Criteria:
1. Applicant must be renting in 59937 zip code
2. Applicant was laid-off or lost job due to Covid-19
3. Applicant properly filled out Emergency Assistance Application with requested documentation

Steps/Items Needed for Application:
1. Fill out and email the Emergency Assistance Application
2. Copy of the applicant’s driver’s license/form of ID
3. Copy of the applicant’s most recent pay stub and proof of layoff from employer. A submitted State of Montana unemployment assistance application will satisfy this requirement.
4. Copy of applicant’s lease agreement showing the property address and applicants name on lease.

Where to apply:
1. Email or call the Whitefish Housing Authority to receive the Emergency Assistance Application, or fill out and submit application below. You can call or email with any questions.

a. Email: info@whitefishhousing.org

2. The Whitefish Housing Authority office is currently closed for visitors and all correspondence will be done by email and telephone

Donations for the Whitefish Emergency Rental Assistance Fund can be made at the Whitefish Community Foundation. All donations will be marked as a 100% charitable donation and can be used as a tax write-off.

    Section 1: Applicant Information

    Section 2: Employment

    Section 3: Required Documentation

    Copy of most recent pay stubCopy of proof of layoff from employer. A submitted State of Montana unemployment application will meet this requirementCopy of photo IDCopy of lease/rental agreement showing the property address and applicants name on lease

    File should not exceed 1MB

    Section 4: Signature